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What's the latest release?
The latest official release is jftpgw-0.13.5. You can download it as a .tar.gz archive or as a .tar.bz2 archive.

Note: There's a new beta version available. If you are interested in new features, check out the docs of the configuration here and get the source code for the new version here. See below the section "Is there a preview of the next version?" for more details.

jftpgw packages for Linux distributions
Debian Package:
jftpgw Project Page at Debian (stable)
jftpgw Project Page at Debian (testing)
jftpgw Project Page at Debian (unstable)

RPM packages for RedHat by Simon Matter. Only the .src.rpm is provided here, you can do a rebuild easily on your platform with rpm --rebuild jftpgw-x.x.x.src.rpm:
jftpgw-0.13.5-1.src.rpm (288 KB)

RPM packages by Peter Bieringer. There is a spec-file included in the distribution. Compilation works fine with rpm -tb jftpgw-0.13.5.tar.gz.

BSD packages
FreeBSD: jftpgw binary for FreeBSD

FreeBSD port (maintained by Stefan Esser): FreeBSD FTP port page

Is there a preview of the next version?
Yes, the development version is 0.14.0.beta.8 at the moment. You can get it here: jftpgw-0.14.0.beta.8.tar.gz

There is also a bzip2 compressed version: jftpgw-0.14.0.beta.8.tar.bz2

While this is still beta level, some new features might be interesting for you.

The new features include:

  • the increased modularity facilitates new features
  • external authentication programs can be consulted
  • macros can be used in the configuration file for better readability
  • there is an ftp command check module that might refuse to pass commands on to the server if the command does not pass the checks
  • there is a protocol called SPP that can transfer files on the same port as the command connection. It can be enabled between two jftpgw proxies
  • caching via squid http proxy works now (caching to files still exists - but now as a separate module
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